Update-sie :)

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A little update-sie :)
So far i have been extremly busy with univeristy & it is only week 4, golly gosh!
i went into a new semester with a new take on Architecture & decided i would give it my all.
Which i definalty have been doing! i have been preparing assisgments earlier than i usually would & have been a very hard worker :)
I always get emails about school & if i have any tips.
My top tips would be to have fun but also study!
Ask your teachers questions if you don't understand, 
they appreciate it as it shows you are a hard worker & want to succeed.
Do a little extra work every other time you speak to your teacher, they apprecitate it and will in turn put more time and effort into helping you understand the subject.
& be-dazzle your workbooks & textbooks, it encourages you too want to pick them up and scribble in them :)

i have also been spending A LOT of my money on clothes :(
i had a think about why i am so inclined to spending on fashions & it is because it makes me feel great!
hah sounds like a shopaholic!
i love being able to mix and match outfits, add & layer.
i actually have a haul i have been meaning to film for a couple weeks now, but have been adding it to it everyday, will hopefully get to filming it sometime this week! pinky promise :)

That wraps up my update post :)
I have almost reached 12,000 subscribers on youtube & 400 followers on here,
i feel very proud of myself.
I love being able to talk all the wonderful bloggers & vloggers, you all are wonderful & i hope to have the opportunity to meet you all one day :)

Hope everyone has an amazing day!
full of happiness, smiles & sunshine :)

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