Diamonds are Forever!

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Recession Isn't Curbing Celebrity Diamond Fever!


Daddy's little princess, Shiloh, has gotten her first taste of bling from her dad, Brad Pitt. 
It has to to be diamonds! real, genuine, $15 ,000 dollars worth of diamonds when you're the celebrity baby of a mega star like Brad Pitt. 
The recession may be denting other people's wallets, but celebrities still have tons of money to spend on their favorite doodads, and that includes baby and/or mommy jewelry.
Even if that little shiny stunner doesn't get some baby envy out of her playmates, it might have gotten some from mom! 
To avoid that fate, Brad Pitt made the wise choice to get another piece of jewelry for Angelina Jolie too.

Celebrities tend to be the trend setters when it comes to jewelry, and Brad Pitt is no different. Diamonds never go out of style with this elite set, and the choice for Shiloh's jewelry reflects the modern pairing of diamonds with a platinum metal setting. 
This Neil Lane bauble will be quite a memory piece for the youngster who turned 3 on the occasion of her fancy gift. When it comes to their babies, celebrities are like other doting moms and dads. 
They will spend whatever they can to make sure their kids have the best, whether that means houses, or expensive jewelry. You can expect to see more mommy jewelry, family themes, and expensive jewelry being displayed by famous toddlers, regardless of whether the recession is still here a year from now or not. As soon as any in this crowd adopt a trend, it catches like wild fire and soon every baby will need their personal $15,000 statement piece of jewelry too, whether they're walking down the red carpet or not.

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