Love Guess! :)

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Finally i have found the watch of my dreams!
I finally found this little gem after hours of searching the shopping center, it was resting in a little jewelery store.
I am in love with this style of watch, but i cannot decide on the pattern...
i am torn between the super chic leopard print (which i really, really want!) & the classic, timeless pearly white (which my mother suggests)
Knowing from history, my mother has always known best, 
BUT i really, really like the leopard print. hehe
but i think i may be influenced on my choice as my manager has the exact leopard print watch & i havent seen anyone wearing the other one...
even though i would like to say i am not influenced, i think there is a part of me that is... strange! 
so now i come to you for your opinion :D
Here is a picture of each:

Let me know your opinions! :)
Pretty Please!
which do you think suits me more/would reccomend me getting...
Both are identical in price, quite a steep $395,
but i am treating myself as i worked all holidays! :)

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