Ins & Outs

by - 9:01 PM

Heat packs & Panadol - it definitely is not a great time of the month for me! only two things that work.

Lip Balms & Moisturisers!
Golly, when they said accutane drys your skin out... i NEVER imagined to this extent! i walk around the house with moisturiser caked on... yet my skin is always dry. my lips are becoming cracked, i have never had such dry skin... Ouch!
has anyone been on it/have tips for me?!

My Pup - so adorable & loving, yet very annoying! haha he follows me around the house like a toddler even when someone else is home! i would love just 5 minutes to myself, thankyou!

Doing Homework on my bed :D hahah not the best of ideas, but it gets it done :)


Dry Lips! & Dry Skin - very painful & a nuisance! fingers crossed it doesn't lead to 'no makeup' days. im all for them! but only when i have good skin! i acutally cant wait till that happens :) 

Being Busy - i hate not having time to make videos or blog, my life is consumed by architecture and work! i hate the work load & i am constantly Stressed, that's probably another out, STRESS!

Trying to do assignments from pictures - i caved in and bought the book. gosh life is so much simpler! hahahah :)

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