First Day of Uni!

by - 3:19 AM

Thought i would do a quick post for you all on what i wore on my first day! :)
perhaps could inspire you for your first day of school! 

I went for a classic chic look pairing leggings with a beige, cream cardigan & soft grey scoop neck tee.
Jewelery was minimal, with gold dominating. two bracelets & a watch.
I also filmed a video today showcasing this outfit, as well as touching on my favourite fashion picks/trends that are currently going.
To be updated on when that video will be up subscribe to my youtube channel :)

On my wants list is a big, flashy gold wrist watch. why? because i love them!
i have noticed they have become a trending trend, lol.
My favourite are these guess ones.
know of any other great brands? let me know! :)

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