Back to school! What to Know!

by - 10:59 PM

1. Start getting into a sleep routine and pattern.

There is nothing worse than first day back feeling like a zombie.

2. Plan ahead - weekly routines

It is important to study during the semester, but it is also important to remember to exercise!
make a quick schedule to figure out what your days will look like & what times you can spend doing a dance class/yoga glass or going to the gym.
Trust me, exercise makes you feel a thousand times better!

3. If you want to wear makeup, wear a minimal amount & also make it waterproof!

Now if you are wanting to wear some makeup to school, I will always recommend a minimal amount, such as a tinted moisturizer and some mascara. Don't go overboard, spend that extra time it would have taken you applying makeup catching up on sleep! :p 
Another tip is wear waterproof mascara, there is nothing worse than accidentally rubbing your eyes when you're tired and bored. Black will be everywhere! 

4. Buy new stationary to get you into the spirit! 

now i am a sucker for school stationary. My ritual before every semester is to go shopping for the basic essentials! picking up a colorful stack of notebooks and pens, just makes you want to start using them!
I have found this to be the easiest trick to get me back into study mode once holiday's finish!

Goodluck on your first day back! 

& be sure to let me know how it goes for you! :)

 xx Holly

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