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The weather has been amazing where i am! lovely cool days with the sun beaming :)
Spent the day eating waffles & ice cream, yummm! <3
I arrived home later in the evening & ended up having to get ready in a rush for the night.
15 minqutes to pick an outfit & do my makeup!
Having driven around for 2 hours trying to find the restaurant, we finally arrived to a very spicy dinner at an African restaurant.
With cocktails being $17.50 a pop(quite an ambitious price in my opinion), we settled on one drink, sipping on lemon lime & bitters the rest of the night. 
We began with the flat roasted breads, vegetable drips, chutneys and marinated olives.
Then we were introduced to our main, a selection of delecasies.
Kefta - lamb with harissa & minted yoghurt. 
Sosatie - spiced chicken sticks with apricot and groundnut sauce
Chermoula - hut grilled swordfish, red pepper skewers with saffron anise olive oil
Zambezi - crispy prawn and crocodile croquettes pink prickly ash and caper dressing
Inyama - seven spice venison carpaccio, apple, fennel and honey mustard dressing
Inhlanzi - kataifi crisp fish, tomato chilli jam and cous cous pancake
All in all, it was a great evening but i doubt i will be returning to the restaurant, not really my cup of tea.

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