Workout Diary Two

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So I haven't been the best at updating my progress :(
But i am definitely going to pick the ball, metaphorically and physically on posting more pro-actively on my journey.
Over the past couple weeks I have tried a few different workout routines and I think I may have found the one i will stick with for the next couple months.
It revolves around a two day split - upper body and lower body.
I am mainly focusing on lower body for two reasons
1. I am not looking to build up too much on my upper body but still would like to tone out.
2. Pretty sure I did my shoulder/neck from squatting to much too quickly.
I think I now fully understand the sentiment that 
poor form = injury

I am back to my program slowly adding the weight as I go.

Firstly when I get to the gym I do 5-10 minutes of cardio on either the stepper or treadmill. (yes i know i should do more, and i am working on that! :P haha its just i go on my lunch breaks and it is hard to fit everything into a 45 minute workout)

Squats       10 reps, 3 sets 
(on the smith machine this is with two 10kg plates and on the squat rack, this is with 5kg weights. The difference being the smith machine is assisted and takes much of the weight off.)
This does not include warm up squats with just the bar for one set, and possibly one more set using 2.5kg plates, depending how stiff i am feeling on the day. 
From my experience (& talking to one of the personal training girls at my gym) if you are a beginner and only just getting into it, definitely use the smith machine over the squat rack. The smith machine will give you a sense of security because if you fail for whatever reason during your squat you can quickly lock the bar back into place. On the squat rack you will need to step forward and then lower the bar onto the supports, which sounds easy enough, but in the moment when the weight is overwhelming its quite difficult being coordinated and supporting the bar at the same time :p
I know from experience :p ahahha. well we all live and learn.

Kick backs            10 reps, 3 sets
I do this on the pully/tension machine. I set the weight to around 10-15kg.

Reverse Lunges     20 reps, 3 sets (x10 each leg each set)
I am actively increasing the weight on these, i started at holding 2x3kg dumbbells and now use the 2x7kg dumbbells. 

Step ups    20 reps, 3 sets (x10 each leg each set)
likewise on these, I use around 2x5-6kg dumbbells

Leg press              10 reps, 3 sets
This machine I have been using since i started and am currently stuck on the 45kg, and I can do one set of the 55kg but its pretty difficult to get the plate lifted initially. 

Leg extension      10 reps, 3 sets
These are set weights at different intervals that can be selected, i hover between the 20-30kg weights.

Leg curls             10 reps, 3 sets
likewise as above, roughly around the 20-30kg mark.

I'd love to know what your leg workout consists off/have any opinions on mine?

I attached a photo above showing my ab's progress - slowly coming through, but still have a lot of work to do on them and the picture below from my most recent hike. 
Be free and careless!

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