Workout Diary - One

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So I have recently become fascinated with weight training and body building, thanks to a couple beauitful girls I follow on youtube and instagram.

And i have decided to make a goal for 2015 - to improve myself and gain muscle!
I recently joined the gym and have been attending the fitness classes as I am a little shy to venture into the gym and weight section - especially as I have no idea what I am doing! I decided it is time to bite the bullet and prepare a plan and what better way to begin than to blog about it! now i can have a place for all my thoughts and ideas. I did a little research on how to use various machines - well because i don't want to be that person in the gym that doesn't know and looks lost.

I want to have a plan so I can be in and out and not wait around. I watched Nikki's video on being a beginner to the gym and everything she says in her video resonates with me. Que awkward girl at the gym with no idea- yes me! haha. I took her advice and started goggling workout plans and videos on how to do exercises with the proper form.

From forumns I have picked the Fierce 5 Full body program.

The Novice Full Body Program

Workout A
Squat 3x5
Bench 3x5
Pendlay Rows 3x8
Reverse Flies 3x10
Calf raises 2x15/Tricep pressdowns 2x10 Superset

Workout B
Front Squat 3x5
Incline Bench 3x5
Romanian Deadlift 3x8
Lat Pulldowns 3x8
Ab work 2x15/Curls 2x10 Superset (I don’t care what ab work you do)

You will be working out 3 nonconsecutive days a week and alternating between workouts A & B. Ex: Mon-A, Tues-Rest, Wed-B, Thur-Rest, Fri-A, Sat-Rest, Sun-Rest, Mon-B…etc. Each week you’ll add 5 lbs to all of your upper body lifts* and 10lbs to all of your lower body lifts.

*Reverse flies will increase 5lbs per month, leg curls (if subbed) will increase 5lbs per week and ab work increases in reps (try adding a few reps each week.) If you are unable to increase weight in these increments due to equipment limitations then, for that exercise only, increase weight every other week. For the exercises in the 5 rep range add 1 rep per set during the weeks you aren’t increasing weight. For exercises in the 8-15 range add 2 reps per set during weeks you aren’t increasing weight.

This is a question I'm repeatedly asked so here is a progression example: 
Monday-Squat-200, Bench-150
Wednesday-Romanian Deadlift-200, OHP-100
Friday-Squat-200, Bench-150
Weekend of rest
Monday-Romanian Deadlift-210, OHP-105
Wednesday-Squat-210, Bench-155
Friday-Romanian Deadlift-210, OHP-105

The forumn post also links directly to videos that show how to do each exercise correctly which is really helpful for me - I am more a visual person than reading so this is a big plus for me.
I am going to do the above workout and continue on with gym classes - so mondays step, wednesdays body pump, Thursdays body pump and yoga, Fridays cxworkout.
Hopefully I wont be overloading, but I have been doing the fitness classes for over a month and still feel like I have lots of energy left over.

I will also be doing a video diary one of my fitness journey that I will put up on my channel but for now if you have any recommendations/opinions/or you just want to join in, comment here and let me know! :)

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