$20 Outfit Challenge! Office Appropriate & Casual!

by - 9:08 PM

On one of my recent videos, a awesome subscriber, Chiffon Barrow, came up with, what I think is an awesome idea! instead of doing the makeup challenge, I should do a 
$50 outfit challenge! 
Most sales only last a couple days and by the time I receive the items, they are usually sold out or no longer on sale! :( 

So I thought a better way of getting my best fashion finds to you, would be to make blog posts as soon as i find them! & possibly feature them in upcoming videos! :D 

So my very first outfit challenge, I found a 
complete outfit for under $20! (shipping is included for Australians :) )
 I have compiled two options, one being 
Office Appropriate & the other being Casual

Leopard Metal Toe Cap Sandal $10 - click here

Black Classic Round Toe Ballet Flats $10.00 - click here

Black Textured Short Sleeve Shift Dress (other colours available too! :) $5 - click here

Gold Layered Chain Necklace $3 - click here

Total Outfit cost $18 Shipped! :)
Ice is having a promotion where any orders over $15 receive free shipping! woo! 


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