My tips for studying!

by - 5:31 PM

Hi Beauties,
so i thought i would venture away from beauty and fashion today and help you all out with a couple of my favorite study tips!

1. Listen in class!
This will help you be quicker when it comes to finishing homework and preparing for tests. (don't try and teach yourself the subject, you are paying for your education, so you might as well utilize all resources :))

2. If you find it hard to study/get into school, go buy some cute stationary!
This will make you want to use it and study! trust me, this works! :p

3. Make to do lists - prioritize and time manage yourself!

4. Use different colour pens, and highlight only what is important. Do NOT highlight everything :p use restrain. I know I have been guilty of highlighting everything and this did not help me when it came to exam time!

5. Goodluck!! & remember to have fun!


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