Valentine's Day: DIY Easy Movie Date!

by - 11:10 PM

Hi Beauties, 
I am loving your feedback on my recent Valentine's Day countdown series! :)
I read that one of you are planning a special movie date for Valentines Day!
I thought I would provide you with a little inspiration on how to personalize the special date on a budget! :)


Why not start the movie date with creating these cute little tickets and popcorn cups, from fortandfield.

Next step is popcorn!!
Vanessa from is one of my favourite DIY printable bloggers. 
On her site she has an adorable little card: Valentine so happy you popped into my life!  
How adorable! so easy to do and I am sure your valentine will appreciate it! :)

Now get crafting! :)
Be sure to let me know how your date went! :)


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