tick tock! Countdown to Valentines day!

by - 6:27 PM

Hi Beauties,

Valentines Day is closing in and over the the next couple of days I will be posting heaps of Valentines Inspiration. From DIYS to gifts, graphics and beauty, stay tuned! 

This morning I will be showing the cute as can be nail tutorial.
A heart gradient on a white nail. So simple yet so beautiful!

source: http://pintutorials.blogspot.com/2013/12/heart-gradient-nails-tutorial.html

Essentially start with a clean white nail polish as the base. From a piece of tape cut out a heart stencil and apply it to the nail. On a piece of cloth, use a pink and white nail polish to get a gradient effect. Apply it to the nail, (kinda like a stamp) and woila! you have an amazing little heart print.

Let me know if you love this super simple nail tutorial!


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