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I get a ton of questions about weight loss & staying healthy so i thought i would put up a couple tips.
While i do not condone the use of appetite suppressants or food substitutes(like shakes, ect) there are a couple healthy changes that everyone can do to become happier and healthier.
5 Drinks that can aid in weight loss as well as make your body healthier include tea, water, vegetable juice, skim milk and coffee. While coffee is not the healthiest, it is useful in getting you up and running each morning, preparing you for the day. 

Next on the list is tea! Now i know everyone is not a fan, but a couple of my favourites include chamomile, black, green, raspberry and peppermint. If you have not tried teas, or are unsure, i say give it a go! and i promise, there will be a flavor that will suit your tastes :)

Drink plenty of water! I like to carry around a drink bottle with me everywhere i go, just to remind me that i need to drink & stay hydrated. This is very important during the summer months when it is very hot and you are loosing a lot of fluids through sweating. It is also as important during the winter months, as the harsh winds and cold will dehydrate your skin, so to ensure an all year round glow, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Milk is great, not only in aiding weight loss but also providing you with the calcium for strong bones! 

However with all the weight loss tips &/or becoming healthier, please remember the number one rule! or solution.... is exercise! i cannot stress the importance of getting up and out! and a little vitamin d from the sun is always good for you! :)
Stay tuned for my next post on weight loss and staying healthy!

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