Yummmy treat!

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Can you believe i did not know what an ice cream soda/float/spider was till a couple years ago!
I remember people would say the name, but i was always like okayyyyy. 
Regardless, it has now become one of my favorite summer drinks :)
Did you know The ice cream soda was invented by Robert M. Green in Philadelphia, 1874!?
"The traditional story is that when Mr. Green ran out of ice for the flavored sodas he was selling, he used vanilla ice cream from a neighboring vendor to keep his sodas cold. His own account, published in Soda Fountain magazine in 1910, states that while operating a soda fountain at the Franklin Institute's sesquicentennial celebration in Philadelphia in 1874, he wanted to create a new treat to attract customers away from another vendor who had a fancier, bigger soda fountain. After some experimenting, he decided to combine ice cream and soda water. During the celebration, he sold vanilla ice cream with soda water and a choice of 16 different flavored syrups. The new treat was a sensation, and soon other soda fountains began selling ice cream sodas."
So if you are like me & a late 'finder-outer-ra' here is how you make it :)
You will need Soda
 and a scoop of ice cream! 


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