Long hours

by - 5:55 PM

Sorry for the lack of posts & even existence online. I have been spending many, many hours in front of the computer doing my digital assignment. Familiarising myself with programs like rhino, autodesk, autocad, vue & photoshop. oh yes, it is very exciting. My eyes, back, wrists all hurt, im ready to give up. I have to admit, this was me last night….

Our Uni computers have a booking & logging off service. I was rendering my landscape for 2 hours, (this was the the sixth stint of 2 hours) as my computer kept logging me out because someone had booked it. I really did not want to give up my computer. after a lot of stress, excitement, swearing & anger, my landscape rendered with 1 minute of my computer logging me off. The universe does work in mysterious ways! :) 
Now its time to do draw my plans & sections in autocad & submit at 4.
 i will be back tomorrow with a real post :)

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