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australis LASH TLC review: Fail
i was recently sent this product to review, so i tried & tested the mascara for around a month, & well, it is definitely not a favorite.

Application: 3/5
Although the brush appears to be an easy applicator it definitely is far from it. the mascara clumps onto the brush, then when you go to apply it, the tip of the brush isn't thin enough to reach the inner eyelashes. such a messy process.

Wearability: 2.5/5
 I included an image to show the difference between the mascara & my normal eyelashes. yes it does give volume & curl, yet they look spidery & not that appealing. I also found the product to irritate my eyes. Every time i applied the mascara, without fail, my eyes would be red & itchy at the end of the day.

Color: 5/5
I wanted a black mascara & the mascara is black. :) 

Packaging: 4.5/5
I quite like the packaging, it is a very sleek & modern design with a pop of color. it reminds me of a hot pink kiss lipstick packaging. Very girly & perfect for a cosmetic product.

Overall: 15/20 = 75%
However i would not re-purchase this product.
For the cost, it definitely can be considered, but if you want a serious mascara for daily use, perhaps skip this one.

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