Valentine's Day!

by - 9:32 PM

I was on the lookout for some gorgeous valentines gift wrapping essentials.
I came across this adorable gloss red bag with a glitter heart!
i then purchased some red tissue paper, i imagine the end result to be the bag with red tissue paper poking out the top :)
You would not belive how long i have spent on looking for the right card & gift bag!
so many stores & so many destiantions.
I then came across this simple yet striking card that i thought i could post to my valentine as he is not back yet :(
but i also thought i could use my creative skills & put them to work on a personalized card!
i am such a big fan of personalized cards, as its always so nice knowing the person has put thought & effort into what they are giving you :)

this is the front, i am still working on it.
im not sure what i should write on the front, either,
Happy Valentines Day
Be mine?
Be my Valentine?
haha just not sure!?!

I also picked up some glittery red alphabet stickers that i think i will use on the front of the card, the picture also shows the inside :)

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