Sparkly New Things :)

by - 3:07 AM

A little retail therapy was needed yesterday & i picked up a couple new pretty things :)
I was looking for the lovely, 'do you lilac it' by opi, but at a steep $20 i thought i would try out a similar colour to see if i like it enough :)
i thought i had found the perfect dupe, but not so much. 
a little disappointing :(

 i picked up a bys nail polish for $5. it is a nice colour but i think i will pick up the opi version :)
I love this colour with turquoise jewelry, a very bright summery combination.

I then popped into forever new, one of my new favourite stores. they have such girly & quaint pieces.
i picked up a gorgeous statement necklace & a pair of ribbon/rose stud earrings.

Lastly, my mum gave me a beautiful new plant before she left. i adore the colours, it is called 'Moses in the cradle' :)

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