Room Decor

by - 3:06 AM

With the begining of a new year, i find myself wanting to not only re-invent myself but also my room :)
in my latest video i talk about the new chest of drawers i purchased, but now i am looking to incorporate a wardrobe into my room.
This is the linen cupboard that i want to tansform into a wardrobe by removing the shelves & placing a rod. as so to hang dresses, ect.
The worrying thing is that the doors are glass which means a) will it look odd with clothes hanging inside & b) ill need to keep it neat :) haha
or the actual wardrobe from the collection is this one.

I cannot decide which one i prefer, or even if should add a wardrobe. i have always tried to keep the minimlastic approach, but i find myself needing more storage in my room.
This poses the question:
Which do you prefer/ think would suit my room?? :)
Let me know!


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