What a year it has been

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 What a year it has been!
Full of study, adventure & fun, i would not have it any different :)
2010 has been an exciting year & i loved going down memory lane with Nuffnangs Christmas Blogger Challange.
As Christmas and the new year approaches i find myself writing lists, upon lists on what i need to do and purchase before Christmas.  I receive many emails, tweets & comments on what gift ideas i could recommend, especially on a budget.
I am glad to say that my favourite post of the year has definitely been 'how to make cupcake bathbombs'
Such a cute, unique &; inexpensive gift to give your loved ones during this festive season.
You can even grab a group of friends or your children for a crafts day full of fun & creativity. 
By the end of the day, not only have you had a great day, but you also have amazing little gifts :)

Remember they will look as good, smell as great, but will not taste as fabulous! :p
Happy Soaping!
Merry Christmas everyone :)


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