Outfit of the day :)

by - 2:21 AM

Destroyed Denim Shorts - loveeee!
i created these from an old pair of calvin klein jeans, a bit tight as i shrunk them. wooops, but ill be creating a new pair as soon as i get my hands on a nice pair of levi's :)
But i absolutely adore vintage denim shorts, they are the perfect way to break up a girly look and add a little rocker chic.
I then put on an oversized crop tee, i really love the colour combination on this crop top, i think the white & baby pink create a very feminine feel.
please ignore the polka dot top underneath, i had just filmed a video :p
but i would have worn this crop top with a black singlet underneath.

then some basic sandals, or you could go for the gladiator/roman inspired sandals.

hair: high bun, one of my favourite hairstyles of the moment.
paired with a fresh makeup look and lip stain, 
a very cute summery look :)

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