Favourite Dress of the Moment!

by - 12:46 AM

I am in love with Savannah Monroe's style on the series Hellcats. Savannah is played by the stunning Ashley Tisdale. I adore her preppy, girly look, which she carries through all her outfits.
My next fashion buys will definitely incorporate floral vintage inspired dresses!
i am going to have a flower party! :)

This particular dress is by Free People, Dazzling Ditsy Dress and is currently on sale! 
If only they shipped to Aus! hopefully ill be able to pick up something similar in our stores!

What is your favourite fashion trend at this very moment?
Tell me about it! & feel free to link your fashion posts in the comments below :)

Here are a couple inspiration pictures :)
have to add, very cute boy! ha ha :p

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