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Warning: Not a beauty post!
this is more of a refrence for myself so that i may see my project evovle over the next couple of weeks.
My desktop is way to crowded (as many have told me!) & i tend to loose things between it.
Also for those interested in Architecture or would like to broaden your knowledge in the field, feel free to read on :)
any comments, suggestions are most welcome.

My Folio Project this semester incorporates milk crates planted with various native flora from each of the 7 continents on the earth.
It is a temporary Pavilion that inspires cultural recognition & diversity, as well as being loosely Based upon the 'Living Pavilion" by Figment, it creates a connection between the urban realm and the city. 

"Living Pavilion" - http://figmentproject.org/2010/long-term-exhibitions/living-pavilion/

My Pavilion, still searching for a name....?
for some reason 'Freedom Pavilion' has popped into mind, but my coordinator was not a fan.
However, back on track, the proposal is:
............. Pavilion is a low-tech installation that employs milk crates as the framework for various native plants from around the world, as an attempt to bring culture through nature.

I have researched various plants dependent on shade tolerance and exposure to sun.
The Life span of the pavilion will be the blooming stages, 4-5 months, at which the installation will be dismantled and the milk crates distributed to the urban community. The city gives back to the urban community.

The First Idea:
Inspiration: http://milkcratedigest.com/2009/03/12/tech-kids-gay-for-milk-crates/

"The students of Illonois Institute of Technology created this great lawn installation using milkcrates and some wedge shaped elements"

My Take: a journey which an individual takes when experiencing the pavilion's culture, nature & purpose.

Second Idea: 
Katamari-esque sphere of milk crates:
The crate sphere was designed to be rolled down the street as the final act in the parade. Comprising of 688 milk crates and being over 4.5 meters high, it had an estimated weight of over 700 kilograms. It was hoped that upon seeing us struggle with the beast, members of the audience would join in, and help us roll the sphere to a glorious end!

 Third Idea:
Canopy Upcycled from Plastic Cups
This beautiful design by BIOS Design Collective is a great DIY project.  They actually used discarded cups from the OutsideLands concert in San Francisco to create the canopy.  Then using plastic clips, the cups were attached to steel cable mesh.  So while the project was on a larger scale, I’m sure you could apply the same concept to any outdoor space.  

Fourth Idea:
The Crate Man Cometh: Recycled Milk Crate Art
 The creator of the 'cratemen' sure is mysterious!
page after page, all linking to other pages, i finally came across the creator, Richmond Icon.
Well i am hoping that is him! ha ha it was in the comments section.
There is even an article about it, but still no creator!?!
haha i am loving this!

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