Take 1 of Dry Skin!

by - 5:56 PM

So this if my first attempt at getting rid of my dry skin.
I kind of want to stop taking the accutane, BUT everyone keeps telling me to push through.
Hopefully it works out in the end.
After my many rants on twitter, lots of you came up with amazing products & solutions!

Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion - can be purchased at all drugstores, pharmacy's, ect.
Nivea Lip Balm - purchased in grocery stores, pharmacy's, ect.

So far so good!
i no longer have any dry skin, but it does sometimes feel a little dry, but none the less there are no signs of this!
Nivea has been great! I do prefer paw paw oinment, but it is really messy, so i leave that for the night time.

On another note, frills always manage to put a smile on my face.
i am loving my spotted & frilled cotton on umbrella!

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