Coastal Scents Goodies!

by - 6:04 PM

Hello my beautiful dolls,
Today's post will be a little show and tell for you all :)
recently i had the opportunity to choose a couple items from the coastal scents website, i really did feel like a little girl in a toy store! (
I could not wait for my order to get in! the moment i received them i made a video showcasing them :)
I absolutely love the items i received, They are perfect! great pigmentation, colour array and blend so easily.

I could rave about this products all day! but here is a little run down: :)
Not only is the pallate a bargain, but the shadows are smooth in texture and vibrant in colour.
Cannot wait to start playing around with my palette! :)
I already have an Angelina Jolie Inspired look up using this palette

Coastal Scents Goodies

Angelina Jolie Inspired Makeup Tutorial

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