Michael Todd Cosmetics Review

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Michael Todd Cosmetics Review -

Michael Todd Cosmetics:

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Living in Australia i get alot of questions of how people purchase the products i use in many of my tutorials & videos and unfortunatly there are not alot of ways.
So, when i recieved the opportunity to trial and use a couple Michael Todd cosmetics products i accepted immediatly.
i have trialed the products for a week and here are my conclusios:

Mineral Eyeshadow in knockmedown key - Incredibly pigmented! the first time i used the shadow, i went overboard not knowing just how much product i needed. the swatch which is seen below is the after math of completing both eye's and the remainder being swatched. incredible!

Creme Eyeshadow - very long lasting wear & amazing colour! it looks so natural and light, i love it!
i have been wearing it on a daily basis with some mascara :)

Long Lasting wear Eyeliner Urban Mobility - defiantly long lasting! I had difficuly washing it off after the tutorial and it was still there the next morning! also great pigmentation and vibrant colour!

lipgloss -  i have never been a fan of lipglosses, though i do like the natural browney colour and it doesnt feel sticky on.

evereything stick - great idea and concept, just not the right colour for my skin.
i am a big fan of bronzes & browns and the pigmentation has a little too much of the pinky/reddy tones.
though for those who love blush, this would be the perfect product.

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