Alexander McQueen

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After having a in-dept twitter discussion (lol) with jessicaxxrose ( about Alexander McQueen scarfs and wether it would be possible for us to press 'confirm payment' on such an expensive scarf, we came up wth a solution :) 
shut our eyes and click.... then just dont check the bank balance for a couple of weeks! heheh 
in the end she took the plunge and i am still pondering.
But, this has left me wanting one more than ever!
So this has brought me to my blog :)
i have decided to purchase one, yet i am still iffy about which colour i really want!

I particularly love the one which annabella has :) P.S i love her blog, i think you too should go check it out :) 

(picture snipped from: :) )

so either ivory, grey, black or pink? perhaps?

Let me know what you think! :)

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