Architecture School

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Over my Internet life-span (LOL) i have had MANY questions about Architecture & people wanting to know more about it, as well as what it entails :)
For all of you that do not know,
I study Architecture at University, which would be college/school :)
I have been doing it for a year now & absolutely love it!
When i first graduated high school, i went into Engineering at Univeristy, but after a semester, i found it just was not for me, even though i had always wanted to beome an engineer.
Then my mum & brother suggested i try out Architecture.
I gave it a go & have never looked back.
I love my course, i love the people & i love what i do :)
A great discussion board i have found is:

Check it out to find out what Architecutre school is! :)
It is all so true! exactly to the last detail!

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