Bootie, Bootie, Booties!

by - 1:21 AM

i feel like a shopaholic, lately i have not been able to stop!
now i have a longing for these pair of booties..
are they not the most divine thing you have ever seen!?
i am in love :)

also i am looking to purchase a new phone real soon :)
i am considering the Samsung f480

The reason for me suddenly needing a new phone, is that i was contacted by Lux-Addiction, yes THE Lux-addiction, that sells the amazing phone cases :)
So i have this case for the Samsung phone coming in the mail (yes i have the case ordered, but i do not have the phone :( )

I adore the case :)
& i cannot wait,
it is such a wonderful way to start the New Year :)

I hope everyone has had an AMAZING Christmas!
& new videos will be up soon :)

Lots of Love, Holly

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